Honduras elite is against money laundering charges in the United States

Yani Rosenthal

Yani Rosenthal

One of the Honduran tycoons accused by US authorities, Yani Rosenthal, spoke publicly to deny his family alleged links to drug trafficking in the ongoing struggle of one of the richest families and greater political influence in Honduras to protect your reputation.

In an interview with the newspaper El Heraldo , Yani Rosenthal, son of the former vice president Jaime Rosenthal Oliva, he denied the criminal charges that the US authorities made ​​public on October 7. The disclosure of the indictment for money laundering against Jaime, his nephew Yankel Rosenthal, Yani and a lawyer associated with the family came just a day after Yankel was arrested in Miami .

“The Continental Group has operated for over 80 years and most of those who know the group know that we have never been drug traffickers or money launderers,” said Yani, referring to the economic conglomerate Rosenthal, one of the largest of Honduras .

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Rosenthal also said that any information provided to the US authorities by drug traffickers extradited in connection with criminal activities Rosenthal is false, and that these people sought to save themselves. Yani not mention specific names, but in June, his father James had told InSight Crime that for years Rosenthal had done business with Cachiros, one of the largest drug trafficking clans of Honduras . The leaders of the Cachiros surrendered to US authorities in January.

In addition to the indictment, the US Treasury names entered Yani, Jaime and Yankel wishlist “capos” of the drug, along with several business of Rosenthal.

InSight Crime Analysis

Yani open defense may be a sign of what is at stake for him if the allegations against his family did not categorically deny.

Since the news of the indictment has not been paid much attention to Yani, because Jaime is the head of the family business and is the only member Yankel arrested so far.However, Yani, with great political and economic hard-won influence, can be who has more to lose by this.

source: Insight Crime

It is very likely that the accusation ruin any political aspiration Yani may have harbored.Previously he served in the government of former President Manuel Zelaya, and was unsuccessful in his participation in the presidential elections.

Also accusations certainly have a serious impact on the Continental Group, Yani runs with her octogenarian father. Due to its new status as a “capo”, US citizens are prohibited from doing business with Yani, Jaime or Yankel.


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